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Zhejiang jie xiang environmental protection equipment co., LTD. (formerly haining pond dust removal equipment factory) is located in & other; Throughout the world wonders haining tide &; The bore of the holy land and & other Throughout China & every one; In the south of zhejiang haining, old factory is located in haining, five golden pond town road, the new factory is located in haining maqiao 18th street branch of east ningxia road, hangzhou Shanghai double track 56 kilometers. 56 kilometers from the ancient city of hangzhou, 120 kilometers away from Shanghai. Shanghai-hangzhou railway crossing haining station, 320 national road across the city, opened in 1995 in hangzhou to Shanghai and hangzhou Shanghai double line (first) company in the gate, the transportation is convenient, the geographical environment is extremely advantageous.

Enterprise founded in 1983, after nearly 20 years of struggle, has grown into professional manufacturer for bag filter. Is domestic enterprises and institutions and a number of high quality suppliers. For qianjiang biochemical (600796), Henry (002206), days shares (600330), freeman, paper (600235), China's glass fiber (600176) five listed companies in this region, such as baosteel, shougang, sea of clouds metal 002182 000959 600019 large enterprises and institutions to provide atmospheric pollution control solutions.

Company in August 6, 1999, approved by the zhejiang province administration for industry and commerce was renamed zhejiang jie xiang environmental protection equipment co., LTD. Companies adhere to the quality strives for the survival, seek development by science and technology. Successively with the domestic first-line technical communication atmosphere governance experts and scientific research units. Develop a batch of technical performance, reliable and stable operation of environmental protection equipment. JLCM series, long bag low pressure pulse filter JLPM series air box pulse bag filter, JHMC single series bag filter, etc. Widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, food, machinery, building materials industry, in particular, and with high quality, good service, well received by customers at home and abroad. 

Specimen, jie xiang environmental protection equipment products all over the country, exports for many times, renowned at home and abroad!


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