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Business philosophy: "science and technology innovation, quality wins" -- tree image by the quality, establish public service; Geared to the needs of the market, take the market as the guidance, all obey and serve the market; To satisfy the needs of customers, to provide customers with the best service.

Enterprise tenet: "honesty pragmatic, exploration and innovation" - the pursuit of better quality, better technology, better service, common towards a new era of environmental economy, the struggle for human beings have a green living environment.

Business rules

On behalf of the first-class standard, create a model project, provide the overall solution, to ensure that enjoy the greatest value

Quality policy

With science and technology for development

Accelerating technological transformation, technological innovation and product research and development, improve product technology content

Quality extension market

The quality of competition in the 21st century is the competition, the quality is the image of an enterprise, by the good faith, quality, service, scale, and constantly meet and customer requirements, actively create jie xiang brand.

Management and promote efficiency

Jie xiang man of quality, environment and safety management system, such as system integration, insist on continuous improvement, in order to quality, environmental protection, ankang, responsibility, harmony and meet the relevant requirements and build enterprise benefit.

Rely on talent increases the staying power

Human resources as the first productivity elements, is the enterprise sustained development of nuclear energy. In the practical work, we should introduce, bold use, fosters the talent, to take care of talent.


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